Q. Comment fonctionne le combineur mot?
A. La meilleure façon de comprendre comment utiliser l'outil est de jeter un oeil à notre Video Tutorial .

Q. The domain finder tool said a domain was available and it wasn't, what's up with that?
A. There are several possible reasons for this.  One is that we only update our data every 24 hours, so if the domain was bought by someone else in the last 24 hours, it will not show up as being purchased.  Second is that our tool will only show domains that have an "A" dns record. Without this, the domain will show up as available.  The good news is most domains that are purchased have a set "A" dns record.  The bad news is that due to the nature of Bust A Name, because it checks so many domains, it increases the chances that a registered domain will show up as available.  We are working on integrating a secondary check once you select a domain, however we have to be careful because too many whois queries in a day will get our servers ip address blocked.  If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let us know, but for now it is a limitation of the service.  However we think BustAName is still a very useful tool.

Q. BustAName seems like an easy way for domain prospectors to "steal" good domains, how do I know you won't register the domains I am looking for?
A. From Ryan (primary developer): First let me say that this is something that I used to worry about when I used similar tools.  Unfortunately, all I can do is give you my word that I will never use BustAName to take someone's domain from them.  Also I can say that BustAName does not do a "Whois" on things like the word combiner and quick lookup, so there is no need to worry about someone "up the chain" stealing your domains.  If you have further concerns, please e-mail me at

Q. What browsers does BustAName support? BustAName is well tested on Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x, Firefox 2.x, Opera 9.x, and Safari 2.x. We are aware of a scrolling bug in Safari, it is fixed in the nightly builds however.

More F.A.Q. coming soon